Download Ayushman Card

Ayushman Card Download Details-PMJAY Golden Card

Note: In order to download Ayushman Card, first beneficiary must be registered in CSC Center or Any Health Center or any other recognized center to do  KYC of Ayushman card, otherwise the card cannot be downloaded.

Fill Details to Download PM-JAY Card (Service Charge 50 Rs.)

    • Write the name of the beneficiary whose Ayushman card is to be downloaded according to the Aadhaar card.
    • The beneficiary will have to write the mobile number given at the time of registration for the Ayushman card.
    • Write the number of income Certificate as beneficiary family ID or any old card like Ma-card number,etc.

    • Write the e-mail id correctly because your Ayushman card pdf will be sent to your e-mail Approx 48 working hours.

    • If the above information is incorrect then Ayushman card will not be sent and our service charge of Rs. 50/- will not be refunded.

    how ot download ayushman card